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Best reading program curriculum coach

The BEST Reading Program Works!

Best reading curriculum Jane

Mrs. E’s B.E.S.T. Reading Program is based on over 30 years of actual teaching experience. In that time, Mrs. E has seen great reading curriculums and not so great curriculums. She has personally taught hundreds of children to read.

Easy to Follow

This reading curriculum is laid out in 12 simple steps that build on skills and knowledge needed to master reading.

All Inclusive

The lessons provide everything necessary for the learner to become a reader and set a foundation to be a lifelong learner and reader.


The curriculum is laid out in 12 easy-to-follow steps. Each step is the logical progression from one skill to another. Step 2 is learning the letters and their sounds. Step 3 is learning the vowels. Subsequent steps introduce rules and patterns like two vowels go walking and silent e. Each step builds on the last.

Fun and Motivating

Every effort has been made to make the lessons interesting and motivating. There is a wide range of materials including videos, songs, learning exercises, and games.

Phonetically Based

Phonics is the foundation of this curriculum but site words are also incorporated in one of the steps because they are useful to a degree. Both systems have strengths and the strengths of each are combined in this one curriculum to make learning to read as easy as possible.

What People Say About Mrs. E

Best reading curriculum Jane

Jane has it all. Tools to teach children how to learn, develop and improve their skills to read , patience, warmth approach, and strategies to make the learning process fun. Her relational style and years of experience allow her to bring accuracy to noticing and adapting to what the child needs to foster their learning . We were fortunate to have Jane as a tutor for our daughter. She is now more fluent not just in reading but also on her ability to focus, confidence to try new materials and desire to keep learning. Griselda B.

Best reading curriculum Jane

There are not nearly enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe what a wonderful educator and person Mrs. Erdiakoff is. My son struggled with phonics and reading well before he entered elementary school. He hated the entire process. When Mrs. Erdiakoff was able to work with him, we saw a complete transformation. He loves to read now. He will read anything he can put his eyes on. He reads at grade level with the expectation that he will only keep reading and learning. Mrs. E.’s knowledge of pedagogy and ability to spot each child’s needs is incomparable. I can say with complete sincerity and belief in my words that what Mrs. Erdiakoff puts forth is truly magic for our young readers. Victoria D.

Best reading curriculum Jane

Mrs. E was instrumental in helping our son William in learning to read. After the pandemic William was behind in reading level and learning his ABCs. She made it fun for him to learn and he enjoyed his time with her very much. Every time she met with him, she would send him home with different games and rewards to help expand his learning and we are very grateful for her help. William says “she is the best teacher ever.” Irene F.

Best reading curriculum Jane

Jane tutored my daughter last summer (2022) to help develop her reading skills and give her the confidence she needed before first grade. As a former literacy coach and second grade teacher, I was very impressed with the progress my daughter made in just two months as well how much fun she had during each session. Jane went above and beyond to provide extra work to do while we were on vacation. We look forward to working with Jane again this summer! Andrea S.

Best reading curriculum Jane

After working with Jane, my daughters were able to quickly and accurately recall letter sounds. They also became more easily able to manipulate letters and sounds to read and write words. Through Jane’s warmth and consistency, my daughters’ confidence soared along with their skills. Prior to Jane, working on phonics with my older daughter was a nightly battle that ultimately ended in tears. Now she’s a voracious reader, testing well above her grade level. Most importantly, she developed a true love for reading, instead of dreading it. Our little one is well on her way to becoming a lifelong reader as well. Susan H.

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